British Pound Exchange Rate Today

19 Nov 2019 at 8 PM

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British Pound Exchange Rate Today - GBP Currency Exchange

Today's British Pound exchange rate is displayed below against our top 40 worldwide currencies. The British Pound exchange rate was last updated today Tue 19th November at 20:00. The ISO code for the British Pound is GBP and is used in 4 worldwide countries. To compare British Pound currency exchange rates, please see the live currency rates table below.

British Pound Exchange Rates

Currency Exchange Rates1 GBP
UAE Dirham GBP AED 4.74283 Pound to UAE Dirham
Australian Dollar GBP AUD 1.89158 Pound to Australian Dollar
Bulgarian Lev GBP BGN 2.27996 Pound to Bulgarian Lev
Brazilian Real GBP BRL 5.42 Pound to Brazilian Real
Canadian Dollar GBP CAD 1.71349 Pound to Canadian Dollar
Swiss Franc GBP CHF 1.27968 Pound to Swiss Franc
Danish Krone GBP DKK 8.71082 Pound to Danish Krone
Egyptian Pound GBP EGP 20.78917 Pound to Egyptian Pound
Euro GBP EUR 1.16561 Pound to Euro
Hong Kong Dollar GBP HKD 10.10762 Pound to Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint GBP HUF 388.2762 Pound to Hungarian Forint
Indonesian Rupiah GBP IDR 18201.16 Pound to Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli Sheqel GBP ILS 4.47068 Pound to Israeli Sheqel
Indian Rupee GBP INR 92.75879 Pound to Rupee
Iraqi Dinar GBP IQD 1536.671 Pound to Iraqi Dinar
Iran Rial GBP IRR 54371.05 Pound to Iran Rial
Icelandic Krona GBP ISK 158.6 Pound to Icelandic Krona
Japanese Yen GBP JPY 140.1609 Pound to Yen
Kenyan Shilling GBP KES 131.5597 Pound to Kenyan Shilling
South Korean Won GBP KRW 1509.218 Pound to South Korean Won
Sri Lankan Rupee GBP LKR 231.5983 Pound to Sri Lankan Rupee
Moroccan Dirham GBP MAD 12.44575 Pound to Moroccan Dirham
Mauritius Rupee GBP MUR 47.13019 Pound to Mauritius Rupee
Mexican Peso GBP MXN 24.99048 Pound to Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit GBP MYR 5.36879 Pound to Malaysian Ringgit
Norwegian Krone GBP NOK 11.78653 Pound to Norwegian Krone
New Zealand Dollar GBP NZD 2.00859 Pound to New Zealand Dollar
Philippine Peso GBP PHP 65.83153 Pound to Philippine Peso
Qatari Riyal GBP QAR 4.7017 Pound to Qatari Riyal
Russian Rouble GBP RUB 82.39788 Pound to Russian Rouble
Saudi Riyal GBP SAR 4.8427 Pound to Saudi Riyal
Swedish Krona GBP SEK 12.44134 Pound to Swedish Krona
Singapore Dollar GBP SGD 1.75766 Pound to Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht GBP THB 38.97951 Pound to Baht
Turkish Lira GBP TRY 7.35613 Pound to Lira
Taiwan Dollar GBP TWD 39.43822 Pound to Taiwan Dollar
Us Dollar GBP USD 1.29132 Pound to Dollar
South African Rand GBP ZAR 19.066 Pound to South African Rand

Which countries use the British Pound?

The following countries use the currency code GBP today:

Guernsey, Isle of man, Jersey, United kingdom,

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