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We know how crucial it is to receive currency exchange information on a regular basis and as such we can offer you two services. Firstly, a daily/weekly market update and analysis on your chosen currency, provided by TorFX a leading UK currency exchange broker. Secondly, regular exchange rates by email on the specific days of the week and to the base currency you require. You can also choose a suitable timeslot to receive your rates, with exchange rates captured just prior to sending.

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The daily updates include a round up of major currency movements, news and economic data that impact the major exchange rates on a daily basis. Focusing on fundamental data, the updates keep clients informed and able to rapidly adapt to changes in the markets.
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The weekly updates are tailored to your specific currency of interest and include basic technical analysis (including a price chart) of trends and discussion of key market levels, including suggestions to reduce risk and maximise opportunity.
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