Swiss Franc Exchange Rate Today

19 Jul 2019 at 1 PM

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Swiss Franc Exchange Rate Today - CHF Currency Exchange

Today's Swiss Franc exchange rate is displayed below against our top 40 worldwide currencies. The Swiss Franc exchange rate was last updated today Fri 19th July at 13:14. The ISO code for the Swiss Franc is CHF and is used in 2 worldwide countries. To compare Swiss Franc currency exchange rates, please see the live currency rates table below.

Swiss Franc Exchange Rates

Currency Exchange Rates1 CHF
British Pound CHF GBP 0.81264 Swiss Franc to Pound
UAE Dirham CHF AED 3.73876 Swiss Franc to UAE Dirham
Australian Dollar CHF AUD 1.44256 Swiss Franc to Australian Dollar
Bulgarian Lev CHF BGN 1.77292 Swiss Franc to Bulgarian Lev
Brazilian Real CHF BRL 3.7965 Swiss Franc to Brazilian Real
Canadian Dollar CHF CAD 1.32831 Swiss Franc to Canadian Dollar
Danish Krone CHF DKK 6.76866 Swiss Franc to Danish Krone
Egyptian Pound CHF EGP 16.91649 Swiss Franc to Egyptian Pound
Euro CHF EUR 0.90656 Swiss Franc to Euro
Hong Kong Dollar CHF HKD 7.94424 Swiss Franc to Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint CHF HUF 294.9996 Swiss Franc to Hungarian Forint
Indonesian Rupiah CHF IDR 14194.53 Swiss Franc to Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli Sheqel CHF ILS 3.59946 Swiss Franc to Israeli Sheqel
Indian Rupee CHF INR 70.04214 Swiss Franc to Rupee
Iraqi Dinar CHF IQD 1214.553 Swiss Franc to Iraqi Dinar
Iran Rial CHF IRR 42855.36 Swiss Franc to Iran Rial
Icelandic Krona CHF ISK 127.3499 Swiss Franc to Icelandic Krona
Japanese Yen CHF JPY 109.5973 Swiss Franc to Yen
Kenyan Shilling CHF KES 104.9882 Swiss Franc to Kenyan Shilling
South Korean Won CHF KRW 1196.051 Swiss Franc to South Korean Won
Sri Lankan Rupee CHF LKR 178.9382 Swiss Franc to Sri Lankan Rupee
Moroccan Dirham CHF MAD 9.75429 Swiss Franc to Moroccan Dirham
Mauritius Rupee CHF MUR 36.53895 Swiss Franc to Mauritius Rupee
Mexican Peso CHF MXN 19.35574 Swiss Franc to Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit CHF MYR 4.18212 Swiss Franc to Malaysian Ringgit
Norwegian Krone CHF NOK 8.71501 Swiss Franc to Norwegian Krone
New Zealand Dollar CHF NZD 1.50318 Swiss Franc to New Zealand Dollar
Philippine Peso CHF PHP 51.94807 Swiss Franc to Philippine Peso
Qatari Riyal CHF QAR 3.70562 Swiss Franc to Qatari Riyal
Russian Rouble CHF RUB 64.1604 Swiss Franc to Russian Rouble
Saudi Riyal CHF SAR 3.81791 Swiss Franc to Saudi Riyal
Swedish Krona CHF SEK 9.53722 Swiss Franc to Swedish Krona
Singapore Dollar CHF SGD 1.38341 Swiss Franc to Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht CHF THB 31.34228 Swiss Franc to Baht
Turkish Lira CHF TRY 5.7437 Swiss Franc to Lira
Taiwan Dollar CHF TWD 31.60591 Swiss Franc to Taiwan Dollar
Us Dollar CHF USD 1.01782 Swiss Franc to Dollar
South African Rand CHF ZAR 14.17811 Swiss Franc to South African Rand

Which countries use the Swiss Franc?

The following countries use the currency code CHF today:

Liechtenstein, Switzerland,

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